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National Holidays of Panama for November 2016

Once again the national holidays of Panama are approaching. The month of October leading up […]

New Construction in David

Old buildings are being torn down as new construction in David is booming. New mini malls […]

David Grocery Stores

David is adding grocery stores all the time. As the economy grows people have more […]

New Convention Center to be Built in Boquete

Alcaldía De Boquete has announced that a new convention center will be built in Boquete. […]

What Does The Panama Canal Expansion Mean to the Economy?

Recent projections indicate that the revenue from the expansion will go up by over 45% […]

Inauguration of New Canal Expansion on June 26th

The Panama Canal expansion which began in September of 2007 is finally completed. It has […]

The Zika Virus in Panama?

The Zika virus is not new but has proliferated among the Americas this year. As […]

Panama’s Ecotourism is Set to Grow

Just released in February by the Panama Audubon Society is the new accounting of bird species […]

Panama is the Number One Place to Retire

Once again, Panama is named the number one place to retire according to International Living’s […]

It Is Carnival Time

Once again it is Carnival time in Chiriqui. While a few towns celebrate more than […]

Zika Virus and the San Blas Islands

A health warning has been issued for people traveling to San Blas. There have been […]

Outlook for Job Growth in Panama for 2016

The population of Panama is slightly over 3 million. Unemployment here has been steady between […]

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